Wednesday, 22 March 2017

There will always be hills and mountains to overcome on the way to God.

 Do not be disturbed by the mountain falling down.

 It is the duty of the mountain to fall down and it is the duty of the soldiers to move the mountain.
 12 APRIL 1980   --Babaji

The water to clean the heart is the Name of God

The water to clean the heart is the Name of God

16 NOVEMBER 1982

Of greatest importance is that the repetition of God´s name increases daily. In this way, your heart and mind will be purified. Only then will you find God in yourself.

The mind can be purified only by japa. This is the only medicine for the disease of mind.

While your mind and heart are impure, how can God live in your heart?

The water to clean the heart is the Name of God. So teach everyone to repeat the Name of God - everywhere.


Babaji's Wisdom on Fasting" Spoken by Shastriji ॐ `

Shastriji and Babaji

"Babaji's Wisdom on Fasting" Spoken by Shastriji ॐ
"To Purify the elements in the body, to find 'Oneself', to purify all five elements in the human body, it is necessary to Fast at least one of
seven days. If you are travelling a long distance with a car, after a particular mileage, one stops and opens the bonnet of the car to allow it to cool off. In the same way, if a human body is just being fed, fed, fed, there is definitely a danger that one day, this body will suffer diseases.

Sri Mahaprabhuji (Babaji) always used to advise people to Fast on Monday, for Monday is considered to be the day of Shiva. At the same time, the 'chief deity' of Monday is Moon (Chandra), and the people who do not have a sufficient balance of the Fire-element, He said to Fast on Tuesdays (day of  Hanuman, chief deity of Mars, Mangala).

Probably, you are aware that there is a religion called "Jainism." In Jainism, fasting has been given so much importance that they say, continuous fasting is the only way of reaching self-realization. In Islam also, one month in a year, in the month of Ramadan, for 30 days, a continuous fast is observed.

But this kind of continuous fasting is not good for the human
body. Because there is an immediate loss of energy, and other detrimental effects. That's why, if a man/woman Fasts once a week, once in seven days, it is much more healthy."
~ Shastriji Vishnu Datt Misra

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Power of the Silence' ~ Gaura Devi

"The Power of Silence" ॐ

Long mornings with Baba, meditating near Him with my eyes open concentrating on the empty space in full awareness.These days the 'white light' that I usually see, is being transformed into a golden color that is quite intense and I hear a subtle sound within me, a constant companion, an all pervading melody; if sometimes Babaji speaks He almost breaks the enchantment.

Every Guru, every scripture and every true master teaches that the 'silence of the mind' is the ultimate goal of our search for the Divine. Shri Babaji has spent most of His time in silence with devotees, with the exception of a few practical instructions for the work and oral teachings data only when it was necessary.

Yet, in His 'Silent Presence' we felt and we received a strong power and a clear energy awareness.

The emptiness and immobility of the mind of the Guru that attracts disciples, allowing our minds without peace, to stop a bit and focus on God is 'the Power of the Silence' that forces us to sit at the Sacred Feet of the Master. Often we do not notice this clearly. "
From the book, "Fire of Transformation, My Life With Babaji."  ~  Gaura Devi 

Friday, 17 March 2017

El Yoga ‘Hairiakhandi’

“Voy a enseñar a la humanidad actual de este yuga (era), el Yoga ‘Hairiakhandi’ ”

Cuando las acciones del yoga empiezan en el cuerpo, lo hacen primero en el muladhara chakra, desde abajo.

Pero este “Yoga Hairiakhandi” es un yoga muy especial que comienza desde el sahasrara chakra, desde arriba. Y uno por uno, desde arriba hacia abajo, va atravesando todos los chakras. Babaji dijo: hay cinco sílabas en “Hai-ri-a-khan-di”. En el alfabeto sánscrito, cada letra tiene un lugar particular en el cuerpo. Hai tiene su asiento en la garganta. De acuerdo a las reglas de la gramática, ai es combinada en Hai y pronunciada desde el talu (la garganta).

Cada una de las cinco sílabas tiene una letra que se pronuncia desde la garganta y que pertenece al chakra más alto, de manera que recitando constantemente estas cinco sílabas, uno viaja solamente por los chakras superiores, purificándolos.

Este Hairiakhandi yoga, otorgara todo al ser humano que lo siga, es un yoga entre la garganta y el chakra de la coronilla y no tiene conexión con ninguna de las partes inferiores del cuerpo. Gobierna todos los chakras desde el sahasrara, desde arriba.

Repitiendo constantemente el mantra “Hairiakhandi” todos los chakras de un ser humano son atravesados, y se vuelve el dueño de todos los siddhis (los grandes poderes), que son conocidos como los ashta siddhis (los ocho poderes divinos) y los nau siddhis las nueve bendiciones divinas.

Shri Babaji

Monday, 13 March 2017

Sacrifice everything to obtain oneness with yourself

"You all think devotion is fun. Some day you will have to jump without fear of life or death; then you will be able to make progress. When the time comes, you will have to walk through fire and water." - April 6, 1982

"As long as we are not able to rebel against the bad qualities in our hearts and minds, we shall not be able to attain our goals in life." - April 4, 1982

"Each one of you must vow today to sacrifice everything to obtain oneness with yourself. Be rid of attachment in your heart and be ready for the sake of righteousness to jump into the flames and water of life. Be prepared to burn your very bones, if necessary, to secure the public good and righteousness." - December 26, 1982

Friday, 3 March 2017

What do you mean by "saving them through the mantra?"

1 December 1982

Question: When there is a nuclear war and a bomb lands, say in Bombay, all people, including the devotees, will die. What do you mean by "saving them through the mantra?"

Shri Babaji answers: "The fear of death is born with man, though this is the only thing he knows is certain to happen to him. Attachment to material things make man cling to life. When you chant the Name of the Divine, when you are one with the Divine, you accept death. While you are attached to life and afraid of death, you die with that fear and that weight clinging to you.

If you have attained liberation you are free from death (you accept the inevitable). You die without fear and by remembering the Name of God, your soul leaves the body free of that fear and attachment. If you are reborn, your soul is still free from that fear. If you die in 'unity,' you are free from rebirth, unless you will it."